Caring For Your Knitwear 101

Caring For Your Knitwear 101

Posted by Lucy Quartermaineon


We all buy our knits with the intention of being able to wear them season after season, but have you ever really paid attention to what the care label is begging you to do?  

We imagine the answer may be no, so let us give you the 101 on what's what when caring for your knits.


Step 1: Cold Hand Wash Only

We know, it's another life admin task we must add to the to-do list, but trust us, it's one worth listening too. 
Fold your knits inside out and go back to basics with a cold hand wash. 
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Step 2: Do Not Tumble Dry 

A no brainer, but still important if you want to maintain the shape of your knit longterm. 
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Step 3: Avoid Hanging

This is a must both when drying and storing in your wardrobe.
Dry flat, store flat.