Nude Muse Interview: Stephanie Allen and Ella Dumbrell from @kolideinsta

Nude Muse Interview: Stephanie Allen and Ella Dumbrell from @kolideinsta

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We spoke to Nude muses and friends, Stephanie Allen and Ella Dumbrell from @kolideinsta about how to spend the ideal Sunday, advice for other creatives and their favourite thing to tell each other. 

Tell us a bit about yourselves?

Our names are Ella and Steph and we run a lifestyle website and social media account called Kolide along with a fully serviced creative agency called The Ardent Collective. Ella’s background is in PR/Comms and mine is in Law so we work across pretty different roles with Ella being the creative brain and me being more focused toward business development and administration (my favourite!). 

Who is Kolide?

Kolide is a lifestyle platform dedicated to curating, ‘the best of,’ - whether that’s in food, fashion, lifestyle or travel. We like to recommend our favourite experiences to create a one-stop advice hub. We initially started the business with the hope of developing a mobile app but instead we’ve turned Kolide into a passion project of where to eat, play party - alongside our digital agency, The Ardent Co.

How would you describe your photography aesthetic?

At the moment, we’re loving shooting anything on film - it creates a very light, dreamy aesthetic and there’s always the excitement of seeing how our photos develop. We also shoot on our FujiFilm X-T20 which takes really airy, beautiful photos! All depends on the vibe - Iphone can be fab too! Nothing wrong with an Iphone pic (they’re often the easiest). 

You shot a content series for our Nude Lounge collection. What was your favourite piece to wear?

It is SO hard to pick BUT:
Steph: I live in robes - so 100% the Nude Linen Lounge Robes in every colour.
Ella: Loving the Nude Linen Lounge shirt and shorts - such a vibe!

What does your ideal Sunday look like?

Steph: A day in bed binge watching Real Housewives (very lazy - no guilt attached - even better when it’s raining)

Ella: Same but a crime thriller. 

If you could give advice to other inspiring creatives, what would it be?

BE YOU. It’s great to look up to other creatives and draw on them for new ideas but stay true to your own content because that is what will make you stand out. 


Favourite thing to tell each other?

Any kind of gossip. 



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